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Jul 01, 2016 · In that time Bruce has corresponded with hundreds of people. Most have been grateful. Some claim Bruce's work saved their lives. The old web address of his website, www.godmademegay.com, is pointed here now, in large part to make maintenance easier but also in the hope that this work of Grace will reach even more people over the next ten years. Jan 18, 2018 · God didn't make anyone gay. He did not, by His direct creative effort, make them the way they are and then condemn them for how he made them. That is not the biblical position. God did not make anyone gay, or a lesbian, or a liar, or a hypocrite only .

Apr 11, 2019 · God doesn’t make people engage in any sexual behaviors. We freely choose all our moral actions—that’s why we can be held accountable for them. But when most people say, “God made me gay,” they’re talking about attractions (which they consider part of a God . "God made me gay" is a common justification for engaging in gay sex. After all, if God didn't approve of gay sex, "it would be like creating a bird with wings and telling it not to fly." It's a variation of the "The devil made me do it" argument. Both arguments assume that we cannot choose our behavior. Let's take this argument apart just a little and examine the first premise -- "God made me.

The claim that “God made me this way” is a common slogan heard from defenders of homosexuality. This high-minded claim seems to place the matter beyond further argument—for what Christian will say that God doesn’t make us who we are? And if he makes some people gay, then we should accept it. This is the second essential basis for coming to a right understanding of homosexuals. If I can say God made me as I am, a heterosexual, then homosexuals can say God made them as they are. If God made them that way, that way is good. If I am created in the image of God, homosexuals are created in the image of God.

Jun 18, 2008 · We can’t oppose God without destructive results, so at Probe we are offering the truth to combat the lie that’s out there about this issue. I know that Jesus Christ the Lord loves me for being gay, because he made me that way and each one of us in his image! You’ve got two out of three right!! He sure does love you. God created me this way. No. No one is created gay. It was misfortune that they were born into: We are all born in corruption. Unfortunately God made me gay. No. God did not make you gay. I can't do anything about it. Yes. You may receive a new birth. Its God's fault that I .