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May 19, 2008 · Beginning Writer’s Answer Book. I’m working on a middle-grade novel, and I’m worried that it’s too long. What’s the appropriate length for middle-grade and young adult novels? The are no set-in-stone rules when it comes to the length of middle-grade and young adult novels. It varies from publisher to publisher and project to project. Word count for novels and books is something I don’t think about too often until I travel to a writers’ conference, and then someone asks a simple, innocent question: “How long should a book be?” With that in mind, I’ve tried to put together the definitive post on word count for fiction (novels, young adult, middle grade, children’s books and even memoir).

Oct 23, 2017 · More on agents later, for now let's look at how many novels a typical young adult author writes before selling something. 6) The average young adult author writes 3.4 "practice stories" before selling one. In other words, young adult authors write 4.4 stories (including their sell) on average before their debut payday.Author: Hannah Holt. Word Count and Book Length Novels intended for the adult market will be longer than those targeted at children and young adults. A young adult novel will run between 20,000 and 40,000 words. In terms of adult mainstream fiction, that length would be considered a novella.

Young Adult: Young adult fiction allows for a lot of flexibility in word count. And as you’ve probably guessed it is sitting pretty right in between middle grade and adult. YA manuscripts can have a word count anywhere from 55k to 90k. Picture Books: Picture books are generally less than 1000 words. About 500-700 words is perfect. May 14, 2018 · Literary agent Paula Munier says a 90,000 word count is “the sweet spot for debut fiction.”Neither too long nor too short, this book length signals a novelist’s competency and knowledge of the publishing market to prospective agents and editors.

Apr 05, 2015 · Word count by genre: How long should my book really be? Kit Carstairs · April 5, Young adult fiction: I consider a full length book once I finish it. Obviously that’s only my mindset and there are actual guidelines to how long certain types of stories are (as your article explains). Author: Kit Carstairs. Young Adult fiction. YA fiction usually needs to be 50,000 to 70,000 words. You can go up to 100,000 if your material is phenomenal and justifiable, but no longer than that. Middle Grade fiction. Children’s fiction is so varied in terms of length, type, illustration.