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groups.yahoo.com. Mar 29, 2019 · Join a group that interests you. Once you have found a group, ask to join. On the group page, click the “Join Group” link. If the group is restricted, the group owner or administrator will need to approve your request before you can join the group. If the group is open, you will be automatically added to the group.Views: 280K.

Oct 28, 2009 · Best Answer: entering adult groups is based on your Accounts DOB- if you're being block, then your age is too young to get to them Source(s): crazy_mom2_1 · 10 years agoStatus: Open. All of your subscribed groups are listed on the left side of the Yahoo Groups Home page and you can leave a group at any time. In private groups, your request is sent to the group's moderator for approval. Sign in to Yahoo Groups. Open a group. Click Join Group. Set .

Looking for your Yahoo groups list? Go HERE. BEST YAHOO GROUPS 2016_World_Opinion Advice_Forum African_Union A1_PUSSIES America_World_Forum All_Types_Of_Cocks BBC_Central BBC_Gangbangs Big_Black_Meat Bollywood-Fan-Club Bright_Discussion Chat_Rooms_Finder Confession_Forum Cuckold_Fun Democrat_4_Life Europe_Interracial . Full Answer. Groups may be moderated, which allows a moderator to approve or deny posts before they are made, according to Computer Help and Discussion. Computer Help and Discussion reports that people can join Yahoo groups in one of two ways. First, a person has to make a Yahoo account. Then, the person can join the group from the group's website.