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The first is compiled by the Social Security Administration, and the second links to the Code of Federal Regulations website. TANF Statute, Social Security Act, Title IV (Part A of Title IV) TANF Regulations, CFR Title 45 Chapter II (Parts 260 through 265) Part 260 - General Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) Provisions. The State need not count toward the five-year limit any months for which an adult receives assistance with Federal TANF funds while the adult is exempt from the State's time limit under the terms of the State's approved waiver or if the adult is subject to (but has not reached) an adult-only time limit.

Federal Policies, Regulations and Guidelines. You can find more information on Federal policy related to Tribal TANF at the following websites: Administration for Children and Families' Family Services; Electronic Code of Federal Regulations, Title 45: Public Welfare, part 286-Tribal TANF Provisions ACF's Services for Families web site. Federal Laws and RegulationsThe self-sufficiency field deals with a variety of Federal Laws and Regulations. Federal laws – such as the Social Security Act, the Food Stamps Act and the Claims Reduction Act – provide overall direction for Federally-funded self-sufficiency programs while Regulations are published as Interim and Final Rules in the Code of Federal Regulations.