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Jan 31, 2010 · His father with out undertaking admitted to administering the spanking and vowed to repeat it whilst mandatory. The choose stated that the extra youthful guy circulate if he did not desire to be subjected to his father's rules. I additionally be attentive to that there is very a large number of parental spanking of adults that may not stated.Status: Open. why do adults act like a child sometimes? If you grew up in the seventies did you get spanked or not? what are the support for adults caring for a child with special needs? Why do adults talk alot to make their point b.cos it's annoying? Do you get spanked as an adult; how can i make my parents stop spanking me? am I too old for a spanking.

Aug 13, 2012 · Spanking into the adult years is extremely common in these religious circles. Children belong to their parents until they get married, and personal space or dignity is non-existent. I personally don't think spanking is effective at all.Author: Sarah. How could I resist? Following is Katie’s story. I hope you’ll enjoy it, too. Please note: this in no way involves spanking children and is meant for adult audiences. There’s no sex in it (of course), but it does involve a father spanking an adult daughter, which makes some people uncomfortable.

Jan 02, 2010 · Can parents spank their adult son/daughter/? I heard it is legal to spank children but is it legal to for a parent to spank their adult son/daughter? 2 following. 22 answers 22. I also know that there is a great deal of parental spanking of adults that is not reported. I attribute this to the economy and the fact that many more adults have Followers: 2. Nov 17, 2011 · Assuming the adult children don't submit willingly, then, probably, yes. The authority of parents over their children ends when the children reach the age of majority--18, in most places. Up until then, the parents can be held civilly or criminall.