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Lincoln douglas adult debate leagues. USA Debate. 11.05.2018 11.05.2018. She is now attending the University of Texas at Austin majoring in Psychology Bachelor of Science on the pre-medicine track. At university, she is the VP of Policy for GW Students Against Sexual Assault where she advocates for sexual violence prevention and education both. How to Win in Cross-Examination Believe it or not, many rounds can be won (or lost) by the time Cross-Examination is done. Many judges find this to be the most exciting part of the round and pick out their favorite debater at this time; the one they are rooting for secretly and .

This Kentucky High School Speech League promotes students getting involved in competition of academic nature while forming comprehension of debate, drama, and speech. The league offers the chance for speech, debate, and drama competition. The KHSSL also wishes to better the critical thinking, speaking, listening, and acting skills of the league. University of Kentucky Tournament of Champtions website; University of Michigan High School Debate Tournament website; Lincoln-Douglas High School. Catholic Forensics League National Tournament website; The Glenbrooks Debate Tournament website; Gonzaga High School Debate Tournament website; Harvard High School Debate Tournament website.

Results from the 5th Annual Illinois State University/Western Kentucky University “Big Red Bird” Tournament are as follows: Brian Anderson, a junior from Hodgenville, top debate speaker and co-champion in Lincoln-Douglas debate. Alex Rivera, a sophomore from Newton, Kansas, second debate speaker and co-champion in Lincoln-Douglas debate. The debate format for a Lincoln-Douglas debate is one-on-one. While some students may prefer one-to-one debate, others may not want the pressure or spotlight. This debate format allows a student to win or lose based solely on an individual argument rather than relying on a partner or group.

The Stanford National Forensic Institute is a national caliber summer speech and debate program, offering Public Speaking Programs, Policy Debate, Lincoln Douglas Debate, Public Forum Debate, Parliamentary Debate, Congressional Debate, Individual Events and the Coaches Institute. Lincoln–Douglas debate (commonly abbreviated as LD Debate, or simply LD) is a type of one-on-one debate practiced mainly in the United States at the high school level. It is sometimes also called values debate because the format traditionally places a heavy emphasis on logic, ethical values, and philosophy (also called "logos", "ethos" and "pathos").