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Since 1988, The Academy of Classical Karate has provided exceptional and professional instruction in Wado Ryu Karate for Plano, Texas and surrounding Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. We offer high quality classical karate and self defense programs for both kids and adults. Join our Plano Adult Martial Arts Classes: a unique combination of modern-style self-defense mixed with traditional training. Here, you will experience self-defense, combat techniques, exercise, sport, and even inner-growth and meditation. Our classes are taught to adults of all ages in the Plano area as well as nearby surrounding areas.

This is the Kajukenbo Kenpo-Karate Association (Park Method) based in Plano, Texas USA. The Park School was first established in 1974. We practice a culturally mixed martial art of self-defense for adults only that was first developed in Hawaii. Crucible Krav Maga is North Texas premiere adult and kids self-defense, krav maga and mixed martial art school. We service Plano, Allen, McKinney, Frisco, Dallas, Murphy and Wylie.

Krav Maga is the world's leading self-defense system, known for its no-nonsense and realistic approach. Krav Maga Dallas teaches men, women, and children to live safer and stronger lives by providing self-defense and fitness classes. Action Self Defense provides efficient, effective, quality 1-8 hr self defense courses for women, children, people who travel, or anyone who wants to feel more self confident when threatened or actually assaulted. Programs are excellent for team-building corporate seminars.