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The adult name change form is used to ask (or petition) the NY State Supreme Court to change your name. You can use this program if: You are 18 years old or older, You are not in prison, on probation or on parole, and. You do not need to keep your name change private for safety reasons. Name Change Forms Packets: Change of Name of Adult (Eff 01-01-2013) Change of Name of Minor (Eff 05-27-2016) Individual Name Change Forms: 21.0 Application for Change of Name of Adult (Eff 01-01-2013) 21.1 Judgment Entry - Change of Name of Adult; 21.2 Application for Change of Name of Minor (Rev 3-15-16) 21.3 Judgment Entry - Change of Name of.

Aug 02, 2012 · Complete an Application for Change of Name of Adult. To get a court order officially changing your name, you must fill out a formal request, called an Application for Change of Name of Adult. Different counties in Ohio use their own versions of this form, which are available at the county's probate court or through the probate court's website.85%(46). Name changes for an adult in Ohio are made in the probate court of the county the person lives in. You must file an application to have the case heard by the court. Ohio state laws require a hearing be held on the matter, and the court can deny your name change if you don't give an acceptable reason. Name changes.

Name Change (Adult) Illinois Legal Aid Online provides a guided interview that will ask you a series of questions related to this topic and then the program will complete the forms for you. It is free to use. e-Filing System - How To Request a Pro Se Account e-Filing Instructions for Name Change Name Change Pamphlet PDF Form Issue If you have been a Franklin County resident for the past 12 months you may apply for an adult name change for yourself, or a minor name change for your minor child.

Probate Forms. NOTE: Forms 16.0, 17.0, 21.0, and 21.2 were translated as part of the Supreme Court of Ohio Interpreter Services Program Forms Translation Project.Learn more about the Forms Translation Project.. Decedent's Estate (Forms 1.0 - 13.10) Wrongful Death (Forms 14.0 - 14.3) Guardianship (Forms 15.0 - 17.8).