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It is convenient and Kyoto tourist travel goods

Common goods

  • Spring summer and autumn a Folding fan, winter Mobile Warmer - Kyoto is the change of climate change is intense.
  • A small map that can be accommodated in the pocket.
  • Compact digital camera - Dark location is large.
  • Wet tissue - Since eating walk often.
  • Smartphones and pad - It will help you to look up a history.

In the case of traveling alone

I think it's a good thing that it can go to various places because traveling alone there is no time limitation. It will be multiplied by the time in history explored. Since the historic buildings there are many dark places, I think that it is good to bring the high-performance digital camera. Since the use of the flash is not permitted where there are many, let's practice to be able to take beautiful pictures even without flash.

In the case of family travel

Kyoto tourism magazineIs their necessities and knapsack on their own together in a small backpack, I think that it is good to those bulky family common with nails to carry back keep deposited in the hotel.

Toilets are clean, but the students a lot of the location of the toilets are crowded. Families with small children is the 'd better you care.Slope and stone pavement, because there are many gravel road stroller is inconvenient.

Kyoto might be better to go from getting to be able to own walking.