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Koudaiji, Yasaka jinjya, Gion

NinensakaAfter watching the Kiyomizu Temple, just around to the right and banged down the hill is the Sannenzaka. Narrow alley is Ninensaka going from there to Kodai-ji. Here is a loose slope full of old times emotional, such as if you had time slip. Or there is such a little funky hairpin shop, it was very popular to students as a commemorative photo point. Adults would be fun. In the middle of a Ninensaka there is also a Studio Ghibli store.

In the vicinity of Ninensaka there are a lot of studios that can Maiko experience. Perhaps because of that maiko has often walked. Maiko she're so beautiful was in response to the commemorative photograph surrounded by students.

Koudaiji & Nenenosaka

Slope of NeneThis time, I had to pass through to the front of Kodaiji but, Prior to Kodai-ji Temple is called "Nenenosaka", you can ride in Jinrikisha in the wide streets.

This Kodai-ji is a temple of Hideyoshi Toyotomi legal wife "Nene" was celebrated the last moment of life. Venerable feeling will be felt.

Gion Festival at the famous Yasaka Shrine

Abutment of the slope of Nene is the Yasaka Shrine. Here is the venue of the famous Gion Festival in Kyoto. It is a sober Upon entering from slope of Nene, but it is gorgeous when entering from the main gate.

As a result of out of the main gate is the center of Gion. This town is flashy colors of the building in regulations is prohibited. Please look because Lawson is brown.

Main gate of Yasaka Shrine Yasaka Shrine

The more straight 400M from the main gate of Yasaka Shrine and go and it is Kamogawa. And around the Kiyomizu Temple in the morning, and then shop at Gion how much Yasaka Shrine from Kodai-ji, lunch Kamogawa Nouryouyuka ! This I think is a best course.