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Main gate of Nijo CastleSince lunch in must be directed to Itami Airport, I was looking for a place to go in the vicinity. We decided to go to Nijojo and the Motorikyu.

You can go in less than one thousand yen by taxi from Shijo hotel. Only luggage After checking out I had been entrusted in the lobby. You can walk as well, but it is a blink If we ride the subway.

I've discovered later, there was a big lockers in the Nijo Castle. Luggage I should have brought my! (Locker enters the front door, is located in the souvenir shop's corner of the right-hand side)

There is also the fact that school trip classic, there is a huge parking lot to the main gate. The general public you also can park at \800 for two hours. Because there is bus private parking it is also come in, such as camper.

Historical location that made the Taiseihokan

Former residence Nijo Castle, somewhat excited to hear that place where last moment of Shogun Yoshinobu Tokugawa has performed Taiseihokan. Taiseihoukan mean To give up the regime. The guide book we are drawn to very luxurious gold folding screen, but the fact is dim, you feel the history. Since the internal public of photography was prohibited, leave put a picture of the front gate and garden.

Japanese garden located in the Nijo CastleNijo Castle won the Ieyasu Tokugawa is the Battle of Sekigahara, seems to have started built as a lodging place for when proceeding to the capital. By the time of the third generation of Shogun Iemitsu, it is there was a castle keep and castle tower, but the tower is so had lost by a lightning strike in 1750. (9th Shogun weight of age)

Kyoto is often used in the shooting of the period drama, but Nijo Castle is a layer that is not used very often because there is no castle tower. Garden you may have seen at the famous drama. Around the building it is cool and contains the mark of the generals.

That some garden viewed in Abarenbou Shogun