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Kiyomizu Temple is best to turn in the usual route

Kiyomizu TempleBest to go wanted to place in this journey is this Kiyomizu Temple. That "I wonder what kind of feeling when you see the bottom from this stage?" Famous look at the pictures were springing interested that. I was strong is more of a surprise that the "great" rather than as "scary" as I actually speaking. Since the school excursion students often, although part of the attraction was not observed, and to the famous photograph was taken, it has been quite healing and just walking.

The summer is limited, but to eat shaved ice beside the " Otowa Falls " at the bottom of the stage of Kiyomizu Temple is recommended. You can taste the Edo era. Just here it is very cool.

Otowa FallsThe back of the landlord shrine There are God's marriage. Come the direction of single!

It is convenient taxi when you go to Kiyomizu Temple. Speaking If you took a taxi "to the entrance of the Kiyomizu Temple thank you", it will parked in the best point.

Let's take a taxi if you lost. Japan's taxi is convenient and safe.

Rare roasted tea flavored ice cream!ほうじ茶アイス

Kiyomizu Temple slowly carefully to play around if 2 hours, 30 minutes if play around in a hurry. There is lively souvenir shop is very fun place.