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Nishiki Market is kitchen of Kyoto

State of Nishiki MarketAfter eating lunch at Kamogawa, I went to walk to Kawaramachi. Kawaramachi is a famous downtown among Kyoto, was crowded with many people. Especially it was had is crowded, it is straight extended arcade in Kitagawa from Kawaramachi Station. Here it is called the shopping paradise. Japan's school trip students and local young people will visit many. If you come here from quiet shrines and temples, you can experience the modern Kyoto.

The exits from the Kawaramachi Street to the west, is one containing away from main street towards to Karasuma district is the place which is said to Nishiki market. The guide book it is written as a "place that sells delicious things a lot." That's right!

Atmosphere is similar to Tokyo's Ueno are similar, but here is the much larger scale. A lot of shops in the total overall length 350m has lined up. Dry matter, pickles, etc. are sold boiled. You can a tasting at storefront, we have also peddle some of the goods. You can enjoy the gourmet.

Because the market there are many shops that would end with 17:00, it is better to come to as much as possible early time. It is pickled for most recommended. Pickles Kyoto is famous for delicious thing. I've looking for a Senmaizuke wearing a big strain was not found. Apparently Senmaizuke It seems winter of food. What a pity! Although we found a shop that sells refrigerated stock \600 in three and quite expensive! I bought another of pickles to give up. But because here is Kyoto, it is delicious, even what you eat.

Nishiki Market

School trip students who come to Nishiki market seems to have bought the pickles as a souvenir to parents.

MotokuraNight of Nishiki market, which has been closed most of the shops, lonely there is a tavern in. Here it is off the beaten path ! The evening of the first day we ate here.

It was very delicious because tavern variety of in the market. However, it is many smokers because tavern of. It is not suitable for small children -friendly.