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Kamogawa Kyoto, recommended shop summer evening riverbed beginner

Sit down, you can also lunch along the riverKyoto Kawayuka will opened for a limited time each year from May to September. In the same licensing system as the sea of houses, only shops facing the Kamogawa Kyoto City issued a permit will be opened.

The traditional event, which continues from the Edo period, as tradition representing Kyoto, in Tokyo of human is very attractive. Because it changes every year, it does not ride in detail in the guide book.

and reluctantly, I was walking to walk the back alleys. Since the menu and taste is different for each shop, it is very fun.

Apparently, that's the summer evening riverbed Rashiku little night of status even among locals, any shop is also expensive. And I have surprised because also about \2,000 to \3,000 at lunch! Dinner is more expensive.

In recent years, or was tables and chairs of style for foreigners, but seem to be grilled meat and Italian feeling, I chose the riverbed of the tatami and the cushion style.

KawayukaRecommended Kawayuka here!

I found to be doing around about 15 shops. Meal, price, also views the best. The shop name, Pontocho Izumoya. Back of the alternating, located in the place where it walked about 30 seconds.

I ate Unaju, was really delicious dense soft. My wife ate a lunch of Kyoto kaiseki. Since removed the lunch time, we sit at the very end of the Kamogawa side Luckily. This is I wanted to do!

Lunch while watching the flow of the river is exceptional. Tired legs, or you rest and take off your shoes. Some people have laid the baby on top of the cushion. It's a very relaxed atmosphere.

Along the river there is also a Starbucks. It is Starbucks Kyoto style.

Kyoto Kamogawa The Starbucks on the right end

This is the Japanese version, but leave stretched the link of Kyoto Kamogawa summer evening riverbed cooperatives, please see.