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Kyoto charm

Welcome to JAPAN ! Kyoto charm, would be old streets and shrines and temples tour feel the history. Then, way of talking and of somehow loose feel, you'll like Maiko. In Japan, I think that it is the oldest capital is intact remaining, high-value rare region. It is also a big attraction where you are surrounded by rich natural green. If you from the Kanto people , Kyoto has the image of adult tourist destination , there is a status .

Kiyomizu Temple, Kinkakuji, Gion, Maiko experience

Temple of the Golden PavilionCommercial guide book, so any location is also recommended, it would be hard to to find a really interesting place.

After reading the guide book, raised to some candidates where you want to go, it is the completion of the tourist route Once connected by lines. In my case, I wanted to go to the absolute was the Kiyomizu Temple and Gion, Kamogawa summer evening floor.

Kyoto tourism it is fun to walk

The guide book is written is how to ride a bus or train, but the Kyoto town who walked can enjoy the taste. If you are walking, suddenly you can encounter in Maiko, it will be able to or find the shops of the famous traditional crafts. This is also Kyoto unique.

This site is written is "true feelings and impressions" that I can not write a guide book. Actually they went on their feet, and taste is, it is not only a place that can be recommended from the bottom of my heart introduced. We hope to become a reference for many people to go to play to Kyoto from Tokyo.