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Cheap hotel Even though the middle of the tourist area

It is a quaint inn Speaking of Kyoto, but there is the inn stay the rich. We common people like, it is real intention is that want to keep the following \10,000 per night. Various examined results, this time decided to stay in Toyoko Inn.

Narrow but clean Twin RoomToyoko Inn is a business hotel, but the case of a tourist destination, I have evolved for tourism. The good thing about business hotel, anyway cheap place. The room is small, but in three persons, including elementary school children, it was including tax \10,480/night in a twin lying.

Of course, it contains a breakfast of three persons in the room cost. The room has a unit bus. Then you have unit bath in the room, there is also a LAN for the Internet.

Toyoko Inn of Shijo, is good in the best place!

I think that it is trying to stay close to the area you want to explore as much as possible. The results examined, there is that Shijo Karasumaru shop, next to the Daimaru department store, just behind the Nishiki market, we walk if hang in until the Kamo River summer evening floor. With that said, it was decided in this hotel. The station is near, the convenience store is near, even banks. It is a perfect base camp.

When you arrive early, it gave me keep my luggage

Cheap but clean hotelKyoto Station arrival was about 10:00. It was a short walk from Kyoto Station to the hotel was a failure . Very far away , I was tired .

We arrived at the hotel was a 11:00. Check-in time is 16:00. Can you keep my luggage? If you asked, it was me entrusted free until you check-in. Accommodation is a service of customer limit.Luggage for us and store it in the back of the room.Because there was a big luggage, it was very helpful. We were able to enjoy sightseeing on foot big time.