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If there is physical strength, such as the athletes, it is possible to travel all the Kyoto attractions in one day. But, because the precious Kyoto, we would like to tourist leisurely. Kinkaku Temple was decided to go the next time. Saturday, Kiyomizu Temple likely play around on foot, Gion, Kamogawa, Kawaramachi. Sunday in the morning, we will explore the Nijo Castle and Kyoto Station. It becomes three When divide the Kyoto area.

A point is the location of this Accommodation the hotel.

Kyoto city map

Kinkakuji, Ginkakuji, around the Daitokuji "Kyoto north" area

This is the Temple of the Golden Pavilion Speaking Kyoto tourism but, Golden Pavilion is located in the northern area away from the city. Since it is not possible to go on foot from the hotel, and you will go by bus or taxi. By calling a taxi to the hotel , go to the Golden Pavilion, while walking slowly north , I think it is good to aim the Ginkakuji walk .

Arashiyama, Tenryu-ji, around the Sagano "Kyoto western" area

Arashiyama, so good so far from the city, it is recommended that you go to by taxi or train. Around Arashiyama, because there are a lot of temples, just a walk to walk, you can experience the old Kyoto .

Kiyomizu Temple, Gion, Kamogawa, around the Yugawara "Kyoto Station" area

This is the Kyoto tourist main area of that located in the urban area of the eastern part. To go by taxi to the entrance of the Kiyomizu Temple, and around the Gion → Kamogawa → Nishiki → Nijo Castle, you can experience the quite rich Kyoto tourism. Kyoto is the first one , first attacked the area , the second time you think may want to explore the Temple of the Golden Pavilion and the surrounding Arashiyama .