2. From Haneda to Kyoto

Shinkansen and the airplane , which is whether deals ?

Air plane of JALThis good is given by far Shinkansen fee surface. Even I went to the usually is cheaper 17,000 yen from the airplane. If you use the ticket that “Kyou no Yuyukippu”, Shinkansen round-trip fee, Kyoto City Subway, Municipal bus, You can go to Kyoto to further deals valid for four days.(It does not use timing of Golden week and the Bon Festival)

Does not change only even about 10 minutes conducted in either, In the case of airplanes , it must have arrived one hour before boarding because there is such as check -in and baggage inspection. Sitting time you are listening to music longer. But the plane is the elegant and comfortable to fast.

In the case of bullet train

The yearning is of Tokyo people to keep up riding on the JR Tokai Shinkansen Nozomi. To buy lunches at Tokyo Station , take the bullet train , fun to spend 2 hours slowly There is the Shinkansen.

Tokyo to up to Kyoto , it is a round trip \26,640 in the adult seats(One way \13,520 = Ticket \7,980 + Special rates \5,540). When 's weekday departure is a special fee is cheap \200. Travel time is approximately 140 minutes.

In the case of aircraft and the shuttle bus

State of the limousine busIf you're an airplane, it is \41,340 by using the round-trip discount(One way \20,670/JAL). There is no fuel surcharge on domestic flights.

In the case of an airplane , because there is no airport in Kyoto, go to the nearest Itami(Osaka) and go from there to Kyoto Station by limousine bus. You go by train from Itami to Kyoto, but it is more of the bus is cheaper. Round-trip fee of limousine bus(\2,560), it's \43,900 and plus round-trip fee of airplane. It becomes the total amount of the case went in the airplane.

By the way, limousine bus is comfortable widely seat(photo). The time required, was a 130min flight and the shuttle bus.

Fuel surcharge of domestic flights is not required

This time, use the JAL Mileage, we went to Kyoto in the award tickets. There is no fuel surcharge on domestic flights. Money other than the flight does not take any. However, Fast charge of when I went by car to Haneda Airport and gasoline and parking fee of two days is took.(July/2013)